Public Information and Documents

How to request for public records


Contact Us

Public Records Officer
Phone: 360-676-8080
Fax: 360-734-0437


Fill out page 9 in the Policies and Procedures document and mail, fax, or drop off in person.


Allow 5 business days for our office to process the request.


The Fire Authority may charge a flat fee of up to $2.00 for any request

2023 Commissioner Meeting Dates and Documents

Documents are typically available for viewing 1 day prior to the meeting date.

Regularly scheduled Board Meetings for 2023 will take place on the following dates at the Geneva Station, 4518 Cable Street, Bellingham, WA 98229, at 3:00 PM. Any changes of date, time, or location are posted at all fire stations.  Regular meetings are also available for viewing online.  Online meeting links are posted in the Commissioner Announcements section on the main webpage and the Announcements/Events webpage, the day of the scheduled meeting.

Board Packet documents are made available the week of the scheduled board meeting and are generally accessible 1-2 days prior to the meeting.


2023 Scheduled Meetings

  • 1/12/2023 Special Meeting of the Board
  • 1/12/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 2/9/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 3/16/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 3/23/2023 Work Session
  • 4/13/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 5/11/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 6/15/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 6/26/2023 Work Session
  • 7/13/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 7/13/2023 Work Session
  • 8/10/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 8/10/2023 Work Session
  • 9/14/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 9/14/2023 Work Session
  • 10/12/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 11/9/2023 Public Hearing on 2024 Budget
  • 11/9/2023 Regular Board Meeting
  • 12/14/2023 Regular Board Meeting

Fire Authority Staff and Elected Board of Commissioners