SWFA community members,

I want to provide the community with an update on Fire Station 22 in Sudden Valley. The fire station has been closed to response personnel since January 15, 2024 due to extensive water damage. On that day, we experienced a significant water leak due to the historic freeze event in the days prior. The water damage extended to about 2,000 sq. ft. of the living quarters of the fire station. A professional water damage mitigation contractor was immediately utilized to stop further damage. The moisture extension damaged walls, ceilings, electrical equipment, appliances, cabinets, and flooring materials throughout the affected area. I, along with the Board of Fire Commissioners, declared an emergency existed and immediately began stabilization/mitigation efforts, which was not deemed complete until February 12.

Our full-time, part-time, and volunteer personnel have been relocated to the Geneva Fire Station in the interim and continue to provide effective and efficient emergency services to the Sudden Valley community. We continue to meet our adopted response time objectives in the Geneva and Sudden Valley areas. Our administrative offices in Sudden Valley are still open during regular business hours to serve the public.

Regarding repair and restoration of service…In December of 2023, SWFA entered into a contract with an architectural design firm for renovating the Sudden Valley Fire Station. The project was not planned to move forward this year, but due to the extensive demolition to avoid water and mold damage, the Board of Commissioners is quickly considering the merits of accelerating the larger project. We are now working with our insurance carrier to determine the cost of restoration and to determine sources of funding for the rest of the planned renovation. While this process may extend the current restoration process, it will likely eliminate the need for a second lengthy closure in the future to complete a larger renovation.

I invite any citizen to please reach out to me or one of your elected commissioners to ask questions or request information. Please contact me at (360) 676-8080 or via email at mnolze@swrfa.org. Commissioners’ contact information can be obtained on our website at swrfa.org.


-Mitch Nolze, Fire Chief